About Us

Our Mission

The mission of School Ready is to provide parents and caretakers an easy option to obtain school supplies while helping community schools with a fundraising opportunity.

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Our Vision

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Parent/Caretaker Support

To provide parents/caretakers an option for a stress-free summer. A means to enjoy family time as much as possible by quick and easy back-to-school supply shopping.

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Assisting Local Schools

To assist local schools with funding for school activities, educational resources, and supplies that benefit the students by providing easy fundraising opportunities.

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Resources Around The World

To use its resources and determination to make a positive impact in education by partnering with local and global organizations.

The Benefits

Benefits For Parents

Stress-free summer without the worry of obtaining school supplies.

No waiting in long lines.

No traveling to different stores to find sold-out items.

All supplies shipped in one delivery.

All supplies labeled with student name and logo/special character of choice.

Items delivered to school, no carrying bags or boxes.

No delivery fee.

Option to buy headphones separately.

Easy option to pay with credit card; receipt emailed instantly.

Supply kits sold by category.

Benefits For Teachers

No worry about missing supplies.

No need to send reminders about needed items.

All supplies labeled.

Brand name supplies in each kit.

All boxes shipped prior to orientation/school start.

Teachers are able to organize classroom even before school starts.

Benefits For Schools

Teachers have more time to prepare classrooms.

Parents are not entering on orientation day or the first day of school with multiple bags/boxes filled with supplies.

Additional promotional item for the institution to offer to parents.

Stress-free fundraising event to kick off the school year!

Fundraiser where the school does not have to pass out boxes, deal with counting inventory, returning items, etc.